How to get Squirrels Reflector working from iPad to Mac

If you want to record your iPad using Squirrels Reflector software*, but the iPad won’t show your Mac on the list of Airplay devices, here’s a workaround I found that others might find helpful – assuming you’ve got an iPhone, that is…

  • Make sure the Reflector software is running on your Mac
  • Now, on your iPhone, set up a personal hotspot (in Settings > Personal Hotspot)
  • Connect your Mac and your iPad to the personal hotspot
  • Now pull up the Airplay option on your iPad again and.. voilà!

I spent a good hour trying to open up various ports on my BT Home Hub router, shutting down the 5GHz band and trying to open up various ports to get it to work. In the end I had to give up.

* I have version 1.6.6, there is a version 2 that I guess might work off the bat.



About saasmd

I am an experienced software-as-a-service entrepreneur, based in London, UK. I love building interesting software businesses. My current venture is StorIQ, a platform to help bricks-and-mortar retailers manage their operations more effectively. This blog is a space to share low-level techie stuff that I think other people will find useful.
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