Installing Windows 10 over Linux (Ubuntu)

I have an Intel NUC that I’d installed Ubuntu on, and now I have decided to install Windows 10 over the top of it so the kids can use it.

I have just spent a merry two hours trying to work this out – so here are some top tips for anyone else trying to sort this. You’ll need another PC to work alongside the one you’re reformatting, and a couple of USB sticks (ideally 3).

  1. Make sure you’ve bought a Windows 10 licence key before you do anything!
  2. You will need to wipe your hard disk completely – this is because the partitions needed by Windows are in a different format.
  3. Follow the instructions at to make a bootable USB drive. Stick this USB into the machine you want to repurpose, and boot from that USB
  4. Follow the instructions at – I found a separate USB stick was good to install this. I also had to use guesswork to find out what drive letter it was on. Also, unplug your Windows PE USB before running the DiskPart script
  5. Make a Windows 10 install USB at
  6. Boot the new PC with that
  7. After putting in your licence key, choose ‘Custom Install’ and pick the Windows drive
  8. Oh, and it takes ages

About saasmd

I am an experienced software-as-a-service entrepreneur, based in London, UK. I love building interesting software businesses. My current venture is StorIQ, a platform to help bricks-and-mortar retailers manage their operations more effectively. This blog is a space to share low-level techie stuff that I think other people will find useful.
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