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I am an experienced software-as-a-service entrepreneur, based in London, UK. I love building interesting software businesses. My current venture is StorIQ, a platform to help bricks-and-mortar retailers manage their operations more effectively. This blog is a space to share low-level techie stuff that I think other people will find useful.

Installing Windows 10 over Linux (Ubuntu)

I have an Intel NUC that I’d installed Ubuntu on, and now I have decided to install Windows 10 over the top of it so the kids can use it. I have just spent a merry two hours trying to … Continue reading

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Updating Rails / MySQL database datetime fields

We have a demo site that we show to prospective clients, and we reset it occasionally using a ‘seed database’ that we have created to give realistic reporting data. The problem is that the timestamps on the seed database get … Continue reading

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Some tips on getting Windows 10 to run VirtualBox with Ubuntu 14.04 for Rails

Here are some commands I found useful setting up my virtual machine ready for Ruby on Rails – as usual, exercise your own caution! Host system Windows 10 VirtualBox 4.3.30 Virtual Machine Ubuntu 14.04 Set up a new unix user … Continue reading

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Owncloud upgrade when data directory is not in standard htdocs folder

When I installed owncloud on our Debian Jessie server I didn’t like the way the data directory was under the htdocs path, so I did a custom install and created an owncloud-specific apache config file (owncloud.conf) in the apache sites-available directory … Continue reading

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Xero bank reconciliation with GoCardless

If you’re using automatic repeating invoice generation with Xero, and a monthly direct debit plan with GoCardless, there’s a ‘problem’ in that the value credited to your bank account by GoCardless already has their transaction fee deducted – so Xero won’t spot … Continue reading

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How to get Squirrels Reflector working from iPad to Mac

If you want to record your iPad using Squirrels Reflector software*, but the iPad won’t show your Mac on the list of Airplay devices, here’s a workaround I found that others might find helpful – assuming you’ve got an iPhone, that … Continue reading

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A simple shell script to check MySQL slave replication status in a cluster

We use MySQL in a master-slave configuration, with one of the slaves designated to take over as the master should anything nasty happen to the master. Before switching to the new master, we used to flip onto each slave and … Continue reading

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